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Ephesus was of one of the most illustrious and important cities of ancient Greece and Rome. Once the capital of Rome's Province of Asia, second only to Alexandria, and with a population of 250,000 it was famed for its beauty, wealth and decadence as well as its fabulous Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

    As aptly put by "Let's Go Turkey
"Short, fiery and intense, Ephesus' history has all the makings of an ancient tragedy. Out of devotion to its patron goddess Artemis, it stayed close to her colossal temple rather than sidestep certain death as its harbor steadily filled with silt. Despite desperate attempts to battle the Cayster River's indefatigable silt-depositing tyranny, the recession of the sea had sealed the city's fate by the 6th Century. The harbor deteriorated into a marshy morass, which eventually became infested with with malaria-carrying mosquitoes, triggering a massive epidemic that resulted in nearly 200,000 deaths ...."

     An important site of early Christianity, it is mentioned in the New Testament of the Christian Bible (Acts 19v23* and the Epistle to the Ephesians) and was the site of the third Ecumenical Council that determined the status of Mary as the Mother of God in 431 AD and found Bishop Nestoridas a heretic for disagreeing. St. Paul lived there for 3 years from 50 AD. Jesus' mother Mary and Apostle John are other famous former citizens.

90% of people need 2 - 4 hours to see Ephesus; enthusiasts of classics, archeology and theology will want much more !
Private Guides, Tour Groups and "DIY" Guide Books are all available and are all good in their own way, depending on your budget and what you want.


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Half day (4hours) Tour of Ephesus & Temple of Artemis
Meet with your guide in front of the Kusadasi port passenger Terminal. Drive to the country. See the TEMPLE OF ARTEMIS, one of the wonders of the ancient world. Then a visit to EPHESUS is a visit to one of the best preserved ancient cities in the world. Ancient historians believed that Ephesus was founded by the Amazons, but now, it is believed to have been the Hittite city of Apasa. With your guide, you will see the Odeion, where the advisory council held its meetings and the Baths, as well as many other columns, monuments and ruins, including the Celsus Library. En-route to Kusadasi enjoy the scenery or shopping opportunity.

Full day (8hours) Tour of Ephesus - Christian Ephesus
Meet with your guide in front of the Kusadasi port passenger Terminal. Drive to the country. Your first stop on this fascinating tour is at the HOUSE OF VIRGIN MARY. Then, you will continue on to visit ancient EPHESUS, one of the most magnificent and best-preserved ancient sites in the world. See the Odeion, the Market Basilica, Curetes Street, Bath, Celsus Library, Marble Street and the Great Theatre with a seating capacity of 25,000 people. After lunch visit the BASILICA OF ST. JOHN and see the TEMPLE OF ARTEMIS, one of the wonders of the ancient world. En-route to Kusadasi enjoy the scenery or shopping opportunity.

Full day (8hours) Ephesus & Villages
Meet with your guide in front of the Kusadasi port passenger Terminal. Depart the pier for the 20 minute drive to one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world: TEMPLE OF ARTEMIS. After seeing Temple of Artemis drive to the magnificent ancient site of EPHESUS. Ephesus is the best preserved of the Greek/Roman cities in Anatolia and while you are visiting the ancient ruins of this magnificent site, your guide will bring them alive. You will see the beautiful Celsus Library, restored and reconstructed according to its original form by the architect Friedmund Hueber in the 1970's. The most spectacular building of Ephesus is the Grand Theater, built during the Hellenistic age to hold 25,000 spectators. It is there that St. Paul preached. Opposite the Temple of Hadrian are the Hill Houses, homes of Ephesus' wealthy citizens. The city was also the hometown of great philosopher Heraclitus. After a visit to Ephesus Antique Site, you will arrive at SIRINCE VILLAGE. This old Orthodox Village, 30 km from Kusadasi, was once "Cirkince"(ugly). Indeed its inhabitants gave this name on the purpose as they did not want to be bothered by foreigners nor to share the beauty of their village. Still after years, visitors understood that the village was not ugly and called it "Sirince" (pretty). Today the village is a perfect synthesis of Turkish-Greek culture as of the 1920's; after the Turkish Independence War, people exchange between Greek and Turks has occurred and all those typical Greek houses, though they kept their original outside characteristics, have received the local layout inside. At Sirince Village you will have chance of seeing the local life at a village and purchasing some small local souvenirs and handicrafts. The village is also famous for its local grape and other fruit wines. Your last stop will be the visit to the ISA BEY MOSQUE, a delicate masterpiece of Turkish architecture from the fourteenth century.

Full day (8hours) Temple of Artemis + Ephesus + Kirazli Village
Boarding your vehichle at port of Kusadasi, drive eastwards to Selcuk Town.. En-route see the cotton fields, olive groves and pine forests while driving along the blue Aegean shores. Your first stop will be The Temple of Artemis, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Continue to Ephesus where you start at the Magnesia Gate and walk downhill through the city.Your guide will point out the sights, bringing the history of Ephesus to life as you pause at the Odeon, Upper Agora, Town Hall, Fountain of Trajan, Temple of Hadrian and Domitianus, Memmius Memorial, Roman Baths, Terrace Houses and the extarordinary Library of Celsus. At the end of a marble street leading from the library, gaze up at the impressive theater, built to seat 24.000 people. Here St. Paul preached to Ephesians. Afterwards proceed to the quaint Village of Kirazli. Meet with locals, witness the unspoiled local life. See real Turkey !. Afterwards drive back to Kusadasi Port.


Full day (8hours) Priene, Miletus and Didyma (This Tour is designed for 2nd timers to Kusadasi)

Meet with your guide in front of the Kusadasi port passenger Terminal. Following the departure from the pier, the first stop will be PRIENE. The ancient harbor city of Priene probably changed its location when the silt of the Meander River threatened to bury it. Now it is nearly 16km away from the sea. The original place of the city has never been found but it was probably a peninsula with two harbors. Priene was laid out on a Hippodamian system of grid plan at the foot of a spectacular cliff on mount Mycale and contained many famous examples of Hellenistic art and architecture. All the streets intersect at right angles. Next visit MILETUS, an ancient city located near the mouth of the Meandros River. Miletus owed its importance to its position on the trade routes. It was one of the largest cities in Anatolia. Highly prosperous, it founded many colonies and was the home of the ancient philosophers Anaximander, Anaximenes and Thales, the town planner Hippodamus and architect Isidorus. Having a prominent position, Miletus became the most important port in this area and it was the most active member of the twelve cities of the Ionian Confederation. From the 7th century B.C. the city has been controlled in turn by the Persians, Roman and Seljuk Turks. The last visit in the tour will be DIDYMA. The world Didyma meant "twins" and it was associated by some as being the meeting place of Zeus and Leto to have their twins Apollo and Artemis. Didyma was famed as a prophecy center dedicated to Apollo, which served a similar purpose as the Delphi of Anatolia. It was not a city but a sanctuary linked to Miletus by Milesians with a 12 mile sacred road.




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