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This is full day 8 hour private tour, from Nafplion Port  
Tour Info:
From Nafplion Port we drive to Epidaurus- 40 Minutes
Stay at Epidaurus - 1:1/2 Hours
Then drive to Mycenae - 45 Minutes
Stay at Mycenae - 1:1/2 Hours
Free time for Lunch - 1:1/2 Hours
Return to Nafplion Village
Nafplion Walking Tour - 1:1/2 Hours 

This is a full day tour of Nafplion

About 30 minutes east of Nafplion is Epidaurus, which is one of the most famous ancient sites in Greece. This name in ancient Greek history is dedicated to Aesclepius, the god of healing, who restored health to the sick and sometimes (it was said) life to the dead, the city was filled with curative spas and baths and only priests had access to certain secret rites

Epidaurus was independent of Argos and not included in Argolis until the time of the Romans. With its supporting territory, it formed the small territory called Epidauria. Reputed to be the birthplace of Apollo's son Asklepios, the healer, Epidaurus was known for his sanctuary situated about five miles (8 km) from the town, as well as its theater, which is once again in use today. The cult of Asklepios at Epidaurus is attested in the 6th century BC, when the older hill-top sanctuary of Apollo Maleatas was no longer spacious enough.

The asclepieion at Epidaurus was the most celebrated healing center of the Classical world, the place where ill people went in the hope of being cured. To find out the right cure for their ailments, they spent a night in the enkoimitiria, a big sleeping hall. In their dreams, the god himself would advise them what they had to do to regain their health. Found in the sanctuary, there was a guest house for 160 guestrooms. There are also mineral springs in the vicinity which may have been used in healing.

Asklepios, the most important healer god of antiquity, brought prosperity to the sanctuary, which in the 4th and 3rd century BC embarked on an ambitious building program for enlarging and reconstruction of monumental buildings. Fame and prosperity continued throughout the Hellenistic period. In 87 BC the sanctuary was looted by the Roman general Sulla, and in 67 BC, it was plundered by pirates. In the 2nd century AD, the sanctuary enjoyed a new upsurge under the Romans, but in AD 395 the Goths raided the sanctuary.

Even after the introduction of Christianity and the silencing of the oracles, the sanctuary at Epidauros was still known as late as the mid 5th century, although as a Christian healing center.

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Athens and Epidaurus Private tour Prices:

Athens Corinth and the Canal - 8 Hours tour - Licenses Tour Guide is not included the prices below

Minibus or Mercedes Taxi (1 - 4 people) 550 Euro
Minibus (4 - 14 people) 825 Euro
Bus  for (15 - 21 people) 900 Euro
Bus for (22 - 51 people) 1050 Euro
Entrance Fees
*Entrance fee in Mycenae Archaeological site is 9 Euro per person
**Entrance fee in Epidaurus Archaeological site is 6 Euro per person
Child (under 17 with passport) FREE


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In most of the tours in Greece, sport type shoes are recommended.

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